Can a tree cause foundation problems?

Tree roots are very opportunistic and only grow and penetrate where it is easiest to cultivate, such as friable soil and mulch. To be fair, tree roots in and of themselves are not the direct cause of foundation damage, although many homeowners believe they are. On the other hand, changes in soil condition are what actually cause most damage to house foundations. Tree roots can damage building foundations, as well as sidewalks and pavements.

The most common trees that damage building foundations include Norwegian maples, silver maples, oak trees, ash trees, poplars, walnut trees, poplars, poplars and sycamores. These trees have a high potential to cause damage underground. Roots rarely cause significant damage to concrete foundations. Occasionally, roots can find their way through existing cracks and enlarge them.

But as long as you maintain your base, you're unlikely to have problems with tree roots. Oaks aren't as common in landscapes as other trees, but despite this, they tend to cause the most damage to homes. Another cost of removing a tree is that, without its shade, your home will experience more heat in summer, increasing your cooling bill. If a tree is close enough to your house to damage your foundation, chances are that its branches, or the tree itself, could fall on your house. Tree removal at is the suited service every homeowner wants for their tree.

These huge oak organisms are held in place by a deep main root that sprouts directly beneath the trunk. Be sure to check what types of trees are around your house to find out if you have one of the most harmful trees in the area. Large ash tree roots can also be found in horizon A of the soil (surface soil) and in horizon B (subsoil), according to the USDA Forest Service. If you live in a region with severe storms or large amounts of rain, removing a tree can cause the soil to be soaked and flooded.

A tree that sends invasive roots to the base causes damage by drawing moisture from the soil below and around the base. Instead, call a tree pruning expert to remove the part that grew to the pipe and call a plumber to replace the pipe. Your trees play an important role in the appearance of your home, but you can't leave them there if they could destroy it. Unless you want to spend the money cutting them down and planting new trees, you may be stuck with the trees in your current landscape.

If you have a small crack or imperfection in the base, an aspen root will find it and move inward, widening the crack. When caring for your plants and trees year-round, maintenance is an important practice that should not be overlooked. Some homeowners have problems with the roots of their trees when they grow under their sidewalks, entrances, patios, and other shallow concrete structures. However, if a tree is planted too close to the foundation, or if it is a species with highly invasive roots, some roots can force their way into cracks in the foundations and further damage the concrete.

If you're determined to plant a new tree in your garden, another way to subvert the threat of root damage is to select a slow-growing tree species that has less aggressive rooting tendencies.

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