How do i get rid of a tree in nyc?

To report a dead tree, call 311 or use our tree service request system. Parks does everything possible to preserve and protect trees under the public right of way until their health condition or condition justifies their removal. Parks don't remove healthy trees because of infrastructure conflicts with sewer lines or concrete sidewalks. It's not illegal to remove trees without a permit, but the New York City Parks and Recreation Department has simplified the request for tree removal.

If representatives of the Parks and Recreation Department find any tree that is growing on private property, that is, sick, dead, or obstructing the public, they must notify the owner. The landlord has a specific amount of time to correct the condition, depending on its severity. It is illegal to remove or damage a municipal owned tree. If you see or know someone endangering a municipal tree, visit the page on illegal work and tree damage to report it.

If you need help filling out the permit, don't hesitate to contact our arborist at tree service - Many iron factories in New York build and install tree protectors, visit our list. You can also request installed tree protectors from the New York Tree Trust. Homeowners in these areas must obtain authorization from the city before removing a healthy tree that is six inches or more in diameter, and if a tree is not healthy, homeowners must submit a letter from a certified arborist confirming that fact.

Installing a tree protector helps, acts like a bike carrier and makes it difficult for cyclists to chain bicycles to the tree. And then, after removing all the decorations from the tree and carefully storing them throughout the year, the tree is left alone and smooth again. Visit the street tree planting page to request a street tree or learn more about how to plant a tree on your own in front of your home or business. This includes sidewalk trees that grow in front of private homes, even 50 feet around the tree.

If you like DIY, the Curb Allure tree protector is a metal tree protection kit that you assemble and install yourself. New York has no requirements regarding the removal of trees on private property, only if there is a requirement to remove a tree on public property or in a New York park. The New York Tree Ordinance is a set of rules and regulations that govern the protection of trees in New York City against the growing daily population. Planting flowers or bulbs on the treebed is also good, because it improves the soil and discourages people from walking on the treebed.

Let that tree continue to inspire joy in your community by hosting a tree-burning party in a safe place. Because of how urban most of New York is, trying to remove a tree is quite difficult for tree service professionals.

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