How do you know if a tree will fall?

Some signs include yellow and brown leaves, slower tree growth, and armillaria root rot. You may even notice that some branches die or wither before they fall off. But it may be necessary to remove the tree before it reaches that point. One of the easiest ways to tell if your tree is dying is to take a look at its leaves.

If too many leaves fall at a strange time, pick one up and look at it. Combined with these external factors, all it takes is a problem for your tree to collapse and cause potential damage to you, your loved ones, or your property. If it looks discolored or wrinkled in mid-summer, the tree doesn't have enough nutrients to maintain the leaves. Probably the most alarming sign of a tree nearing the end of its lifespan is an inclination that didn't exist before.

Despite these problems, don't assume that all trees near a house or in a yard are dangerous and should be cut down. If you notice that a tree starts to tilt after a windstorm, it's because it's not strong enough to stand upright. If branches fall off, the tree is probably trying to get smaller so there is less to feed. If you drive frequently or park next to a tree, this can build up soil and weaken the root system, making them less able to hold the tree in place.

Preventing falling trees is easy, and once you know something is wrong, you can contact a professional tree service - to take care of it. However, trees that grow in colonies or groups rely on each other to dampen the wind and may not develop deep roots. If you notice any of these symptoms on a tree you own, you'll need to have it analyzed by a professional. A hollow tree can still look healthy and produce leaves, since the living part of the tree, which moves sugars through the trunk, is located just below the bark.

If you have one of these, an arborist can remove some branches to reduce weight and prevent the tree from breaking.

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