Is tree removal hard work?

Tree work is hard work, requires physical work and is a physically demanding profession. Our tree team performs physical tasks every work day and maintains a safe work environment. tree service - is an affordable, comprehensive land management and tree care company that has been serving New Jersey since the 2000s. Once they arrived, they did a quick inspection of my property and made recommendations for other smaller trees that should also be removed and that posed a potential hazard.

As an added benefit, Wendy was very knowledgeable and educated me about all the other trees, plants and shrubs on my property and gave me much needed advice on how to care for them. Before you decide to do your own tree maintenance work on your property, consider the following risks that are associated with tree care and removal. One pulling a heavy-duty wood shredder, one with a bucket and the other with a small excavator with a claw to remove the trunk of the tree once felled. He gave me a very reasonable budget for moving my HUGE oak tree in the backyard and didn't pressure me to get the service done.

Not only did they help me prune the trees, but at the same cost, they also helped me shape all the trees. Anyone healthy can climb a tree or operate a chain saw, but that doesn't mean they can safely and efficiently maintain trees. The problem is that, when it comes to the maintenance and removal of trees, some people think that it's not that dangerous and that they can get the job done quite easily. It was an incredible job, especially removing my big three next to the house, and the grass in my backyard is beautiful to start with green, lump-free and clean.

WJ will be my favorite for any future tree removal and will be the company I recommend to all my neighbors. By clearing trees and cutting them down selectively, you can increase the value of your property or development. They thoroughly cleaned up all the debris, 26% in addition to the trees that are now missing; you would never have realized they had been there. Their modern, updated equipment made it easy to work with the pine trees and turned them into wood chips for my backyard.

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