What do you do with logs from a fallen tree?

What to do with parts of a removed or fallen tree: cut it in firewood. Use logs & of stumps as furniture. Create coasters, cutting boards and candle holders. Make it part of your landscaping.

Turn it into mulch or wood chips. Place a remarkable floor with slices of logs. Make rolling side tables out of tree stumps. See other ideas here, here, here, here and here.

Fallen tree trunks and trunks are excellent materials for nature-inspired garden decorations. They will add a rustic touch to your garden and will also be fabulous centerpieces for garden landscaping. So if you have some tree trunks around your house, you should make good use of them in a creative way. The first step is to position yourself so that the upper part of the body supports the saw.

When standing, spread your feet a little wider than shoulder width apart. You can cut the tree up or down. The most commonly used method is simply to place the saw on the wood and cut the wood. However, if the tree or branch is under tension, cutting from top to bottom may cause pinching and the saw will get stuck in the wood.

If this is the case, it is recommended to cut from bottom to top. Place the chain saw under the wood and move it up as you cut. Plastic wedges will be useful to prevent the chain saw from being pinched. If the fallen trees in your garden are still damp, you should take note of important information. Seek more tips on how to take care of your tree from tree service - cairnstreeloppingpros.com.

It's a good idea to have someone with experience help you cut down the tree, and then you can continue cutting the logs once the whole tree is in the ground. Or get creative by recycling them to use in new ways. Here are 50 ideas for recycling tree trunks and branches. However, if half or only part of it has fallen off, the entire trunk must be cut, and this task requires skill to avoid injury.

If you have trees in your garden, it's convenient and economical to make firewood from fallen trees instead of buying it. The advantages of electric chain saws are that they are lightweight and effective for cutting small branches and logs.

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