Why is it good to have trees around your house?

Planting trees around your property can save you money on air conditioning, irrigation and soil replacement. Strategically placed trees around a building can reduce air conditioning needs by up to 50 percent during the summer months. Trees can help keep your home cool during the summer months. They help shade your home, reducing the amount of heat that enters your home.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, a healthy, young tree has the cooling capacity of 10 room-sized air conditioners that operate 20 hours a day. Air pollution is an extremely serious environmental problem. When there are trees, they can reduce the amount of gas pollution present.

They can also retain ash, smoke, dust and pollen on their surfaces, reducing the amount of air you inhale. They can also save a significant amount of energy. With a healthy, fully grown shade tree a safe distance from your home, you can expect to reduce your heating and air conditioning bills by more than fifty percent. Trees can have incredible benefits for our environment.

Large deciduous trees or evergreen trees will need space to access the branches if they need to be pruned or removed completely. If your tree was in good health and fell across property boundaries into your neighbor's house during a storm, your neighbor's home insurance should be able to evaluate and cover the damage. It is estimated that people are willing to pay anywhere between three and seven percent more for a property with trees than for a property without trees. If a tree too close to your home has caused damage or falls to the roof, most home insurance policies will help you pay for the costs of repairs and removal of trees.

Landscaping undoubtedly increases a home's curb appeal, but it turns out that trees can also significantly affect a home's value. Whenever you suspect that your tree is suffering from one or more of these problems, contact your local tree expert to visit your property and assess the situation. If your tree is too close to your home and a specialist believes that it does not pose a safety hazard, he or she may recommend that you take other safety precautions, such as pruning trees. A mature tree can also damage grass, foundations, or driveways when its root system expands in search of water and nutrients.

Well-placed shade trees that effectively block your home's sunlight can significantly reduce your home's air conditioning bills. Now that you know what types of trees can be planted near your house, it's time to decide where to place them. When planting a tree, you should also consider how much space you'll need under the treetop to maneuver a lawnmower and other garden care equipment. Read on to learn more about the positive effects trees have on your health, budget and property value.

Homeowners not only like the look of trees, but they also like the fact that trees increase privacy. At Davey Tree, we pride ourselves on providing fast, tree removal at cairnstreeloppingpros.com professional, and personalized service from certified arborists who live, work and participate in their community.

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