Why is it important to remove diseased trees from a forest?

If you have dead or dying trees on your property, regardless of the cause, the entire tree needs to be removed to reduce the risk of wildfires. If there are trees infested with bark beetles, they will die; removing them soon may prevent further infestation. The decision to remove diseased trees should be an easy one. They attract pests that can infest other trees, their disease infects other trees, they can fall and cause damage or death, they are easier to eliminate when they are more stable and unattractive.

Some animal species may lose their habitat due to the lack of tree removal. Forests are home to a wide range of habitats, and some animals only thrive in a young forest environment. Carefully removing certain trees and managing a forest may be the best way to promote a healthy environment for these species of animals. Riley said that severely damaged, sick or seriously injured trees, as well as some invasive species, may also be candidates for removal.

Instead of waiting for nature to take its course, which could cause it to fall on your home, vehicle, or person, work with a local tree service - cairnstreeloppingpros.com team to safely remove them. A sudden tilt indicates breakage or weakening of the roots and the tree may need to be removed immediately. If a narrow crotch is too large to remove, the two codominant leaders can be wired to relieve tension and prevent them from breaking. He said that another circumstance that would likely justify the extraction is if the entire trunk is tilted 30 degrees or more away from the center.

However, he said, determining whether or not to remove a tree becomes more complicated if the tree is still alive but has suffered serious damage or is in a state of ill health or deterioration. Riley also noted that the 25% rule applies to the root systems of trees that have been damaged by excavation or other means, especially if the damage is due to smaller, less supported roots. Large trees with a broken crown or large, damaged branches are a hazard to people and property. The Texas Tree Planting Guide from Texas Forest Service A&M provides a useful guide for the proper selection of trees across the state.

Carpenter ants, termites, and other wood-piercing insects will find the tree and make it a comfortable home. Forest trees grow very well together, so planting shade trees in groves that replicate nature is fine. Certified arbalists know all aspects of tree care and should be consulted when evaluating the health of a tree and for the management of insects and diseases. In some cases, even if 50% of the crown is damaged, especially if the damage is mainly due to smaller branches, the tree can still survive.

These bugs will multiply, meaning that other trees or even your home could be in danger of infestation. Dying trees found in natural areas and do not pose a property hazard and people can be allowed to die instead without human intervention. However, he said, it's best not to continue planting trees later in the fall, as this can adversely affect plant health. Working on trees is actually very complicated, technical and potentially dangerous, and many homeowners have been injured or even died trying to do it themselves.

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